Monday, September 26, 2011

Tuning Up

We are old, now, my wonderful love ...
older than that holler between the hills
where first we met
and I heard you makin' music
and just knew I had to have you
by my side.
You have aged a bit, it's true,
but you respond to me
with as much passion as before
when I cradle you just ... so ...
in my arms.
Do you remember that first time,
our first time?
I remember touching you shyly,
almost reverently,
afraid to push you too far
but unable to keep my hands from you.
Easing into my rhythms,
you soon joined me,
matching me note for note
as sunset sky yielded to
the night's starry darkness.
Now, just as always,
but then again maybe more,
I love your melancholy
and the sweet tenderness of you
that surrounds me
in the quiet of an evening
on the riverbank,
with only a pesky wood owl
bearing witness.
Let me caress you again, love,
the fingers of this hand upon your frets,
the others strumming you
with abandon,
tuning up.

© Candice W. Coghill, September, 2011

Watercolor "Tuning Up" by kind permission of the Artist Rod McIver and his site "Heron Dance":

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