Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Just Me

When the first strands fell,
I felt no pain
as they swiftly slithered
down the drain,
until the whirlpool
no longer spun
when my showering time
was done.
Then I bought
some Liquid Plumber,
but that was then,
when I was dumber.
What happened next
caught me unaware
when “several strands”
became a hank of hair
and, I realized that
soon I’d be,
as bald as that cueball –
proverbially –
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
it came a-calling,
and showed me that
my hair was falling
here and there,
without a doubt,
revealing parts of
my pink scalp.
So, off to Beautyland
I went –
’twas the best ten bucks
I ever spent
to have it shaved
all silky smooth.
And now my baldness
is my groove.
So, one bright day
if you should see
a cute, bald chick,
well, it’s just me.
This chemo stuff
is quite perverse,
but all in all
it could be worse.
If the toxins chase
my cancer away,
then I’ll stay bald
for a thousand days!

© Candice W. Coghill, October, 2011 

As prompted by "Poetic Asides": 
Writer's Digest-Robert Lee Brewer-Wednesday Prompts - "Disguises"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Random Fall Thoughts

Now playing in our South Florida Playhouse
is a theatrical production repeated each year
to rave reviews: The Season

Act I, Scene 1:  Summer slowly, begrudgingly
exits stage left.... she has had her shining
moments, but the curtain is almost down
on her very long act.

Waiting impatiently in the wings, peeping
now and again through the curtain,
is Fall, the Coquette....

Act I, Scene 2: Under the first full moon,
Fall swirls onto center stage, 
her russet skirts around her legs,
the rustling wind causing the palms to sway
as if finally blowing away
the last remnants of heat and humidity.
Then, a smile on her burgundy-glossed lips,
she summons the cool breezes ...
and she teases.

From within the orchestra pit,
merchants respond with the opening tunes
of their seasonal songs: "Summer Wares
Now on Clearance" follows 
"Final Markdown!" and finally
"New for Fall!"

At intermission, sweaters and
long-sleeved polos and 
pumpkins and candy for Halloween
fill the aisles, competing
for smiles with hints of
Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In South Florida, the changing
season brings with it "the Season,"
when the annual migration of 
northerners and mid-westerners
and Canadians swells the year-'round
population, clogs the highways
and fills the restaurants, 
and we give thanks not only for
the turkey, but also for the
great money-bringing snowbird.

The Autumn of my childhood days
is a fond memory of burning leaves, 
and tall-stalk fields of gold and orange maize
we called Indian Corn.... a time of
running and abandon, free
from adult cares. 

We made our costumes for Halloween
then, no need for anything but
imagination and some simply-gathered
goods, some of Mom's make-up, and
perhaps a store-bought mask.  Our
tricks were innocent, our treat bags
were pillow cases that were over-filled
by evening's end.

Then the days became shorter, and slowed,
the countdown to my November
birthday endless.... And, somewhere in
between my Day and Turkey Day,
there would arrive the wondrous 
Sears and Roebuck
Christmas Catalog, a book for
making lists,
a book for dreamers.

It is Fall once again, 
and here I am....

© Candice W. Coghill, October, 2011 

Photographs taken in the Shenandoah Valley courtesy of Sandra Langdon-Wilson

Monday, October 3, 2011

Being Present in Hope

(As prompted by Sunday Scribblings)

B urdened by fears, by quixotic
E lements appearing out of nowhere,
I  wrestle against these dominating and
N egative feelings that trample and
G ouge their way through my mind....

P  erhaps,  I think, I should no longer
R oll with the proverbial punches, no longer
E ven consider that there are other
S omewheres, other
E ventualities.... Then,
N o! I re-think, and I
T ake hold of my spirit, for

I   know that I will allow
N othing, not even this pain, to

H obble my dreams. I can
O vercome anything!  And so, I
P  ersist, and again, I
E ndure.

© Candice W. Coghill, October, 2011