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Welcome to my musings.  This blog is for my poetry, some old, some new and, hopefully, there always will be more to come.  

First things first: For those of you who already have remarked to yourselves, "peregrination is spelled wrong," let's just say I took a bit of, ahem, poetic license.  It's my journey, my PerIgrination -- the I is the me on this journey. 

Why poetry?

Poetry always has been for me ... a relaxation, an exploration, a challenge, an awakening, a remembering, an awareness, an inspiration, a peregrination ... or in this case, my very personal perigrination.  

It makes me feel better when it captures nature's bounties or the kindnesses of strangers or the wide-eyed smile of a baby or an unparalleled moment.  It is as calming as a cup of freshly-brewed tea scented with cinnamon and oranges and caressed with a touch of honey.... 

When it digs into the sands of my time and unearths a hidden memory or a forgotten sorrow or when it reflects on an injustice, it can make me ache.  It is a burden that seeks a release....

My poetry arrives without summons and without warning, meandering into my dreams to spill itself into my subconscious, patiently awaiting my attention or shaking me by the shoulder to awaken me and hurry me to my notepad or my keyboard....

It is simple and complex, it may rhyme or perhaps not.  It is written for me, but also for you. 

Please feel free to leave a comment.  If you like what you have read, I hope you will follow me.  Leave me an address so that I can follow you, too. 

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